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Based in Cochrane, Ontario - James Bay Frontier

North of Cochrane, amid a sprawling and unspoiled wilderness, lies incredible Kesagami Lake - Ontario's premier trophy northern pike lake. Shallow (averaging 7 feet), stained and rimmed with weedy bays, Kesagami is home to an inestimable number of pike over 40 inches (20 lb) and world-class fish measuring 50 inches (30 lb). Conservative size / possession regulations and a strong live-release awards program are in place, maintaining an exciting trophy fishery for the future. Additionally, Kesagami Lake offers exceptional walleye fishing where rocky shoals, islands and points always hold numbers of fish in the 1 to 4-pound class.

The Lodge

Luxurious LodgeBuilt in the mid '80's, the fly-in "American Plan" lodge is welcoming and luxurious beyond expectation. Handsomely appointed rooms and rustic cabins, a spacious recreation area / lounge with massive fireplace and stained glass windows offer guests relaxing moments and social activities when they are not fishing. At Kesagami, boats are huge, stable, square-back Scott canoes with plenty of room for anglers, their gear, shore lunch box and camera equipment. Guides are available through the outfitter and a hearty shore lunch built around just-caught golden walleye fillets should be part of any trip here.

Kesagami Wilderness Lodge welcomes individuals (no "double occupancy" surcharge), families, physically and/or developmentally challenged persons. The lodge staff will enthusiastically prepare for and attend to the special needs of anglers and guests to insure a memorable visit to Kesagami.

The Fly-in Outposts

We currently run 20 outpost camps. All of our camps except Nettogami feature the only camp on each of the lakes. (Nettogami features three camps ALL exclusively operated by us. Construction is varied from rustic log to modern plywood to new “cottage-style” siding. While our camps do not have indoor plumbing, many are equipped with hand water pumps for kitchen use. Some of our cabins are open room while others have separate bedrooms. Inquire for the specifics on the individual camp you are considering.

The Wilderness

The Kesagami wilderness teems with wildlife including wolves, bear, lynx, otter, beaver, fox, marten, fisher and eagles, but the "must-see" here are the woodland caribou which inhabit the area and roam throughout the region.

Canoeing, back-lakes fishing and wildlife photography opportunities abound. Remote and unspoiled, Kesagami is unquestionably Ontario's premier fly-in fishing lodge.

Kesagami lies within the sub-Arctic wilderness, making variable weather a common experience.  Throughout the summer, the region generally experiences warm temperatures, sunny skies, and occasional showers. Summer breezes and cool evenings moderate the climate, making it most enjoyable. Occasional summer thunderstorms interrupt the daily outdoor / fishing routine, but they are usually short-lived, making "no-fishing-days" a rarity. Kesagami sunsets are spectacular, as are the occasional displays of the Northern Lights (Aurora borealis). A mist-shrouded lake lends a special mood to the beginning of a day filled with the promise of spectacular fishing and outdoor recreation.

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"If you have any questions about Kesagami Wilderness Lodge, booking a trip, or you would like further information and / or the Kesagami video, please call me. Let me help you put together your dream fishing trip."   . . . Charlie McDonald

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